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The Great Silence

The First Armistice Day in Norfolk and Peace Day 1919 Armistice 1919 The ‘end’ of the First World War left an aftermath of political, social and emotional turmoil. Although many men and women were still serving abroad, it was decided … Continue reading

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Pablo Fanque’s return to Norwich

Pablo Fanque, born as William Darby, was the first black British circus proprietor. Apprenticed at an early age to William Batty, a well-known equestrian and circus proprietor, he was first trained as an acrobat and gymnast and then in horsemanship. … Continue reading

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Change and Continuity in Maps of Norwich

Living in a vibrant, busy and ever-changing city like Norwich can distract us from noticing the changes around us. The streets we live on, the places we work, the pubs in which we drink (responsibly of course) have drastically changed … Continue reading

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Researching Norwich Road Workhouse: Norwich Primary Academy History Club

In early July we were joined by the members of Norwich Primary Academy History club as part of their special project looking at the history of Norwich Road Workhouse. The pupils had been researching the Haze family who were in … Continue reading

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Francis Joseph Lambert: A Georgian Dancing Master of Norwich

Written by Christine Shackell. Norwich’s economic prosperity in the eighteenth century gave rise to increasing numbers of middle ranks who sought to stake their claim to polite society by demonstrating their culture, knowledge and social skills. A network of institutions … Continue reading

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Discovering Sound Recordings and the History of Railways: Spring Term for Secondary Schools

The spring term involved helping 2 local high schools with different projects they have been working on. Oral History Firstly we welcomed a group of pupils from Old Buckenham High School as part of their oral history project. The school … Continue reading

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Building a Future with Volunteers:  The Norwich Building Control Plans Indexing Project

The Norfolk Record Office is embarking on an exciting project working with volunteers to enhance catalogue descriptions and improve access to an otherwise under used collection.  The Norwich Building Control Plans Indexing Project offers a brilliant opportunity for volunteers to … Continue reading

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Extending his Grasp on Science even after Death

The statue of Sir Thomas Browne stands in the Haymarket in Norwich, often covered by birds, and occasionally wearing a traffic cone on his head. But how many people passing by really know who Sir Thomas Browne is. Hopefully, with … Continue reading

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