Sarah Anne Nichols

Sarah Ann Nichols, lady’s maid and diarist, travelled Europe as Lady’s Maid to Miss Anna Gurney and Miss Buxton, and documented these travels in a diary, a transcript of which is kept at the Norfolk Record Office (NRO, MC  2784/H/10).

The diary describes travelling from England to Ischel and back through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, France, etc., with ‘the ladies’, i.e., Anna Gurney, Sarah Buxton, Miss Carr [said to be step-sister of Anne Buxton who married Joseph Hoare in 1836], and another maid, Hannah, April-September 1836.

In an extract from the diary from 1 September 1836, Sarah Anne writes:

‘There are a great many fine things to be seen in Paris, and I have seen some, once I went out with the ladies, the Triumphant Arch which had been opened about 6 weeks, on one side they are crowning Boniparte, on the other side there is he and his troops and a great deal of merriment about it.  Miss Carr and I went several times into the Palais Royale where there were a great many shops, and bought many little things.  We went into a church, the inside was beautiful, it looked like rocks, where they were taking Our Lord into the Tomb.  We stayed here nearly three weeks.’

Find out more: You can see a transcript of  Sarah Anne Nichols’ diary at the Norfolk Record Office – NRO, MC  2784/H/10.