The Education and Outreach Team works closely with schools to provide resources for pupils from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5.

These include

  • Standard Workshops.
  • Tailor-made Workshops.
  • Teaching Resources.
  • Study sessions for older pupils.

Virtual Workshops

For Autumn Term 2020 we have introduced a number of virtual workshops which can be run via videolink with your bubble of 30. Each session includes opportunities for pupils to give their ideas and thoughts about documents and concepts as they become history detectives and work on uncovering the information themselves.

Sessions require Teams which can be downloaded onto your laptop or accessed via your web browser and projected on to your whiteboard. This will enable us to show the documents we are discussing. In addition, a webcam would be useful so that we can interact better with the pupils, although this is not essential.

The following sessions are available as virtual workshops:

Norfolk- A County of Welcome

In this session pupils discover the reasons for refugees coming to Norfolk. They get to hear the story of Lewis Ecker, a 19th century refugee who came to live in Norwich. Finally they get to think about what they would take with them if they became a refugee themselves.

Norfolk in World War Two

During this session children will learn what happened to the pupils of one Norwich school which was bombed during the war. They will investigate a number of artefacts to uncover their use and understand how everyday life changed during the war. Finally they will read a letter from a real life evacuee and consider her feelings on being evacuated. 

Working as an Historian

This session enables pupils to work on dating and interpreting documents, before finding out how to handle collections and learning about the work of conservators. 

We have decided to suspend our current programme for schools for the time being. As the situation changes we will begin to offer existing workshops from our Schools Programme 2019-20. Please contact us to discuss options.

In addition we have created some downloadable resources. They are in the form of PDF documents and can be downloaded as standalone worksheets for use in the classroom, or home schooling or can be split into activities within the classroom.

We have mailing lists for primary and secondary teachers, which gives you information about forthcoming workshops, and other events at the Record Office for your students. 

To find out more about our teaching resources, please visit our Events and Education webpage.

For any other enquiries, please get in touch using our contact details.


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