Dr Joyce M Lambert


Botanist and ecologist.

Born in London but brought up in Brundall, Norfolk.  Educated at Norwich High School for Girls, graduated in botany from University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.  She was briefly a schoolteacher in Norwich after which she was appointed lecturer in botany at Westfield College, London. 

Mentored by Norfolk naturalist A. E. (Ted) Ellis and A. R. Clapham who in the 1940s encouraged her to study the ecology of the fens in the Surlingham – Rockland area of Norfolk. 

Research notes at the Norfolk Record Office (NRO, MC 2442) relate to a turning point in the landscape history of Norfolk in the middle of the 20th century.  Dr Lambert challenged received wisdom to prove that the Norfolk Broads were not formed by nature but were created as a result of medieval peat-digging.

Corresponded with and was supported by Marietta Pallis a fellow ecologist.

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