Hashtags and 280 Characters: My Experience of Teen Twitter Takeover Day

During the summer I was lucky enough to take part in the Teen Twitter Takeover 2018 at Norfolk Record Office. Hosted by museums from across the country the Teen Twitter Takeover gives teens the chance to experience not only the museum and archive services but also running a twitter account.

Throughout the day I was in charge of the Norfolk Record Office’s twitter. I got to explore their fantastic archive, find out more about different areas and careers in the sector and experience a children’s workshop all while documenting my experience on Twitter.

screenshot 1

My discoveries during the day.

I had a great time and my experience provided me with a lot of insight. Social media and marketing is not an area that you might think is especially connected to museums and archives but it is vital. Social media allows museums and archives to connect to a wider and new audience in particular young people. Part of the Norfolk Record Office’s mission is to present history in a new and exciting way. Social media is a great tool in this respect.

During my visit I was really struck by all the different jobs that come under the archive sector. It was both interesting and useful to learn about careers such as education officer, photographer and conservator. These careers are not always talked about at school. I was quite surprised by how many different jobs are connected by a love of history. I was also really struck by the amount of hard work that goes in to ensuring that history is made accessible to all. Archive staff do really deserve more recognition.

screenshot 3

Enjoying the school holiday activities.

One of the best highlights of the day was the children’s workshop in which children made tabards. It was great to see children so enthused about history.

Running a twitter account was a great experience. It was also quite challenging. I had to learn to write in such a way that was succinct and engaging.

Overall I had a brilliant time and came away having gained a lot of new skills, knowledge and confidence. I was presented with a fascinating insight into the inner workings of an archive.

Thank you to all involved for giving me such a great experience.


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