Great Yarmouth Heritage Schools

Last Thursday, primary and secondary teachers from 7 schools in the Great Yarmouth area visited the Norfolk Record Office as part of the Heritage Schools programme which aims to ensure school children develop an understanding of their local heritage and its significance. The teachers visiting the Record Office spent the day learning about the resources and support available to them here and what it would be like for their students to visit us.

The day began with a behind-the-scenes tour – including the strongrooms where the documents are kept safe, and the conservation studio where documents are repaired.

A teacher, Hanna, tweeted…

The day continued with a discussion of how to use documents in the classroom in interactive and engaging ways. Vicky, our Education and Outreach Officer, told the group about successful workshops she’s done with other school groups, such as turning the classroom into their local village in 1900 to learn about the multiple industries and professions within the area.

The teachers also got to take a close up look at a selection from the archives relating to topics they were interested in, which included the fishing and tourism industries in Great Yarmouth and the town in World War One, Hemsby, Winterton and Hopton.

Picture 034 Picture 041

Many were inspired to help their students to research the history of their school or a World War One soldier who lived in the local area. Others said the Record Office resources and archives would be extremely helpful for their ‘What makes Yarmouth Great?’ projects.

Then it was the teachers’ turn to start their own research. After receiving guidance about how to use our online catalogue and searchroom, they delved straight into it, and some even stayed on at the NRO after the official event had ended so that they could carry on their research.

Picture 045

Since this event, a year 6 class from Peterhouse Middle School has arranged to visit the Norfolk Record Office to research World War One in their local area.

If you work with students or youth groups and would like to discuss more about what we can offer and help with, please get in touch with Vicky at or Karen at

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