News from the Classroom: May and June 2018

Since our last school blog at the beginning of May, we have packed our suitcases and visited eight different schools, and hosted a group from Broadland High School. It’s been another busy couple of months!

In May, a group from Broadland High School visited us ahead of their school’s 60th anniversary celebrations.


Students from Broadland High School using a microfilm reader in the Searchroom


Students from Broadland High School in the Strongroom

The students and their teacher, Mr Laycock, had an ‘Introduction to Archives’ session with Kären from the Education and Outreach team, and got some advice on cataloguing, had a tour of the building, and saw some original documents relating to their local area, including plans for the site of their school. The group also got some advice on document handling and displaying items from our Senior Conservator Nick. Feedback from the students included this salient point “I have learnt that organisation is very important in archives”. We agree!

Over two weeks in June, we visited six schools, delivered our Refugee workshop 15 times to over 400 children, all as part of Refugee Week. We can run this workshop at any time of the year, but it is particularly significant around Refugee Week, and helps to raise awareness of the contribution that refugees have made to our county. One of the activities involves a timeline of 500 years of refugee history.

DSC_0875 resized

Children from Worstead CofE Primary School working on their timeline of refugee history

During the workshop, children discover things that refugees have contributed, not just to Norfolk, but to our every day life. Did you know the canary came over with Dutch refugees? The symbol went on to be used as part of the Norwich City Football Club emblem. The Dutch also gave us the frying pan! Feedback from the children following our workshops included “I have learnt that so many different countries have relied on England as a safe place” and “I found it interesting to put myself in their shoes”.

Aside from refugee history, we have also been delivering workshops on the Second World War, and the work of an archivist. At Catton Grove Primary School, we delivered three workshops in one day to classes of year 3. The workshops include looking at different objects from the time and working out what they were used for, and, in the case of the bandage and warden’s helmet, trying them out!


Children from Catton Grove Primary School looking at objects from the Second World War

If you are interested in hearing more about the school workshops we offer, or would like to book one for your school, please get in touch. Email us at and mark your email FAO Education and Outreach.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and finding out what we have been up to. Enjoy the sunshine!

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