Dragons’ Den at Hellesdon High School

Last month the Education and Outreach team went to Hellesdon High School to spend two days giving Industry Workshops to the Year 8 students (age 12-13 years), alongside our colleagues from Norfolk Museum Service.

Today it has been my great pleasure to go back to Hellesdon High with colleagues from Norfolk Museum Service and the University of East Anglia to be judges for their Dragons’ Den Competition.  The idea was for the students to use what they had learnt about Norwich industries to make a Dragons’ Den style presentation for their chosen industry. Each class selected the best group to come before the Dragons.

Four groups selected Colman’s, three selected Caley’s, two selected Boulton and Paul and one selected Bullard’s and Sons.  They created leaflets, films, animation, a computer game, brownies, badges, toys and recipes.

Examples of publicity material put before the Dragons.

Examples of publicity material put before the Dragons.

It has been a great privilege to see these young people demonstrate their historical knowledge and understanding, and to show their creative, ICT, and presentation skills.

Their innovation, team work and enthusiasm would put the candidates on The Apprentice to shame.

Education and Outreach Assistant

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