Norfolk Women in History

Click on a name in the drop down menu to find out about that individual. See image below for details.

To find out even more about Norfolk women in history watch our YouTube channel to see films made by University of East Anglia film students about notable and inspiring Norfolk women.

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11 Responses to Norfolk Women in History

  1. mo eeles says:

    Thank you for the information, but where do I find the “drop down menu” please?  Regards, Mo Eeles


  2. Prue Smith says:

    Hello Victoria,

    I’m probably not looking in the right place, but I can’t find the ‘drop down menu’!

    Can you help please?

    Kind regards,



  3. cbolsterNRO says:

    Hello Prue, apologies for any confusion. The drop down menu is on our main blog page. You might not be able to see this depending on how you are viewing the blog post, but if you click here and select ‘Norfolk Women in History’ from above, you will see the menu


  4. Alan Harper says:

    Hello Victoria
    Sorry but I am still confused where the drop down menu is. Clicking on the link you’ve kindly provided just seems to take me back to this same page. Could you please clarify where the drop down is please – what is the URL for the page I should be on and when I’m there, where is the drop down menu on that page?
    Thank you !


  5. The information you give to the two people above brings us right back here with no drop down menu. I’m on a laptop so not hampered by a small phone screen. I think you have a glitch.


  6. Hi, Prue, the instructions you give bring us right back here with no drop down menu.


  7. Trying for the third time to make wp work. No, the link you give comes back here with no dropdown menu.


  8. victoriadraper24 says:

    Hi, the drop down menu can be found by hoovering over the words Norfolk Women in History on the menu at the top of the blog home page. This will bring up a drop down menu with a list of dates, if you hoover over the dates a second drop down menu will appear with the list of women- you can then select someone from this list to view. I hope that helps.


  9. victoriadraper24 says:

    I have just added a screen shot demonstrating what I mean. Please see above.


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