Update on 2017-18 Schools Programme

A good number of schools completed and returned our questionnaire at the end of June, so we thought it was time to update everyone on the results. The most popular choice for new workshops were:

  • Refugees in Norwich
  • Changes to an area
  • Leisure and entertainment in the 20th Century
  • Crime and Punishment

Most popular other suggestions included a workshop on the Victorians.

Since the deadline for the questionnaires we have been:

  1. Working hard on creating and running a refugee workshop at Avenue Junior School in Norwich.
  2. Working with the UEA and a freelance artist to create a workshop to run alongside our Drawing in the Archive exhibition.
  3. Updating our existing school workshops and creating our new-look booklet.

We are hoping to spend the summer working on the new workshops and will be sending out a completed programme to schools in September.


Finally, we have made the draw for the Behind the Scenes vouchers and the winning school was Moorlands Primary School. We look forward to meeting teachers from that school in the near future.


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