Introducing our new 6 month event booklet

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For the first time we’ve produced an event booklet for the next 6 months! To view and download it, click this link: NRO Events Programme Jan-Jun 2015. 

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2 Responses to Introducing our new 6 month event booklet

  1. Michael Begley says:

    Congratulations on an excellent programme most attractively presented.
    BUT it is all Norwich-based, and for some of us that means a round trip of 100 miles or more.


    • Thankyou! The new King’s Lynn archives opening next year will be a different location to host events, workshops, and other activities. All of the events planned to take place at King’s Lynn will be included in the same events booklet giving people a much broader choice of location. We also still offer visits to schools and groups so we do travel around the county a lot. But you’re right, most of the events are at the Norwich location of the record office for the next 6 months because it is our target to get more people using our searchroom and actually coming into the building.


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